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Our delivery points

« The huge network of AfriRelay consists of several agencies acting as relay points in all the ten regions of Cameroon. They represent the image of the company and offer a quality service for all customers. You will be able to entrust them with your parcels in all quietude. »

  • Cameroon
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Who are we

AfriRelay is a company specialized in the transportation of parcels and their delivery via a network of relay points. Based in several countries of sub-saharan Africa, we develop dedicated solutions for parcels sending, tracking and receiving for our customers.

« AfriRelay arose from a blatant observation concerning the ecosystem of parcels and mails transportation in sub-Saharan Africa :

  • The overall address system of cities is not efficient or even non-existent
  • Rural areas are generally limitedly served by the classical transportation agencies
  • The number of mailboxes available corresponds to 1/20th of the total population »

In order to bring solutions to those issues raised, AfriRelay wishes to provide to people living in the countries where the company will establish, a delivery service of quality and available for all.


Our team

« Young and dynamic, AfriRelay team is made up of a vast and competent staff, experienced in each domain. The whole team, conscious of the challenge they have to face, constantly works for growth and reputation of the company. Do not hesitate to send your application here to join this team with great potential.  »

Our missions

AfriRelay's missions are multiples and all contribute to customers’ satisfaction. At this end, AfriRelay makes commitments in :

  • Ensuring safety and reliability of deliveries
  • Ensuring specific packaging for each parcel
  • Ensuring your accompaniment during the registration of your parcels
  • Ensuring quality tracking for all your transactions

Our partners

« AfriRelay, in order to satisfy its valuable customers surrounded itself with the best possible partners guaranteeing a warm welcome and a steady follow-up throughout the relay points. These winner-winner partnerships serve the well-being of our customers. »

They all joined the great AfriRelay family.